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Best karcher pressure washer 2016

What are the best karcher pressure washer in 2016

Hi welcome again to pressureforever.com.In the last review we have discussing about what we are believe to be the most best electric pressure washer for 2016,and now in this post i’m going to review on the best karcher pressure washer that we can buy.You can buy a perfectly good budget pressure washer for around a hundred dollars.On the other hand, professional machinery can cost well in excess of a thousand dollars.

Best KARCHER Pressure Washer Reviews and Features

Karcher sells arguably the best electric pressure washer currently available.If you are in the market and looking for a high-quality,durable machine that is capable for handling all household cleaning needs,then this brand is really for you.There are a number of different Karcher pressure washers that you can choose from and compare.

For our ratings we’ve chosen the karcher pressure washers that will suit the vast majority of home owners.This pressure are designed to clean your car,your deck,brickwork,sidings,and more.There are electric and also gas powered pressure machines with a variety of useful features.

To make it to our top three,each has had to demonstrate high overall quality and versatility.Here we will take a look at the best three…We have choose:

Karcher K 5.540 X-Series Electric Pressure washer

Karcher K 5.540 X-Series

Karcher K-5 X-Series

No review of pressure washers would be complete without a Karcher,one of the leading names in the industry world-wide. In particular,we have chosen the best electric pressure washer from Karcher,The K 5.540 X-Series,this model has a patented water cooled motor that lasts five times longer than the traditional pressure washer, ensuring that you get your money’s worth out of the machine.

The pressure washer has a various wand,and a separate spray wand to handle larger jobs in addition to the standard tasks like powerwashing your car.This pressure washer also uses 50% less water than the typical machine.Its light weight for the pressure it provides and is as good as the smaller gas pressure washers whilst remaining lighter,more compact and quieter.

Equipped with two spray wands, the K 5.540 is able to tackle any cleaning project around the home. For tough jobs, attach the included DirtBlaster Spray Wand to increase the effective pressure by up to 50-Percent.For less intense cleaning, attach the included Vario Power Spray (VPS) Wand, which allows you to adjust the pressure right on the wand.

Fully equipped with quick connect, the K 5.540 reduces your start up time by up to 50-Percent. It even includes a quick connect adapter for your garden hose,eliminating the hassle of threading the hose on each time you want to clean.

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This model also comes equipped with an onboard detergent tank that makes detergent application a snap. Simply fill the tank with pressure washer detergent,attach the VPS spray wand,select the low pressure setting and apply the detergent to the area you wish to clean.

The Comfortability

The Karcher,at 38.2 pounds,might require a little more effort to move around,but the quality of construction materials is apparent as are the ergonomics.It’s a beautifully designed pressure washer and the only one tested that has an integral hose reel something that is so convenient you wonder why all machines don’t have one.

In use,you mostly want to concentrate on the cleaning wand anyway, so you would likely put a hand carry unit on the floor,negating any advantage.Owners of this machine cite the fact that the K 5.540 can be used lying down,as well as upright,as a definite plus,allaying any concerns about knocking the light-weight unit over.

The K 5.540 features an upright,ergonomic design,is easy to maneuver and operate.You can even draw water from a standing source,a feature that comes in handy when a water faucet isn’t available (optional accessory required).Much quieter than a gasoline pressure washer and certified by CSA International for safety.


  • Best in Class Cleaning Performance
  • Patented Water Cooled Motor Lasts Up to 5X Longer
  • Bonus $30 DirtBlaster Spray Wand Boosts Cleaning Power by up to 80%
  • Quickly Switch From Detergent to High Pressure Spray with the Included Vario Power Wand
  • Lab Tests Prove Karcher Nozzle Technology Delivers the Quickest, Most Thorough Cleaning
    Patented, Maintenance-Free Non-Corrosive N-Cor Pump
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Karcher K 3.450 Electric Pressure Washer

Our second finalist,this pressure washer is found in the K3 line, which has won numerous awards.The pressureKarcher K 3.450 washer has two spray wands, a Dirt Blaster Spray wand, and a Vario Power spray wand, making it versatile enough to clean anywhere that you need. The pressure washer is upright and uses 1.5 gallons of water per minute, making it very efficient.


  • DirtBlaster Spray Wand Boosts Cleaning Power by up to 80%
  • Quickly Switch From Detergent to High Pressure Spray with the Included Vario Power Wand
  • Lab Tests Prove Karcher Nozzle Technology Delivers the Quickest, Most Thorough Cleaning
  • Patented, Maintenance-Free Non-Corrosive N-Cor Pump
  • Quick Connect for Easy Set Up and Storage
  • Protected by Industry-Leading Rapid Exchange Warranty
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Karcher G 2700 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Karcher G 2700 DH When it comes to deciding the best value pressure washer on the market, things aren’t quite so easy.This is a gas-powered pressure washer from Karcher.This machine gives you plenty of freedom to go places that you cannot with the traditional electric pressure washer. Features include easy start and quick connect hoses,a quality Honda GC160 engine, extra-large storage area for your detergent and equipment,and a commercial grade pump.With this pressure washer, you can do any job without hassle.

There is some great buying guide advice on their website in the FAQ section that goes through how much pressure and flow rate you might need,nozzles to use in certain situations and applications, looking after your power equipment in winter and more.

I found their info on hoses, couplings and attachments really good also which can make things a lot easier when you have setup your washer ergonomically for your needs,normally extension leads and quick connect attachments are a must when you do a lot of pressure washing.

From Karcher – When we started the design process for our NEW Performance Series line of gas pressure washers we had one person in mind you.Our Performance Series models come with many advanced features,providing an unsurpassed user-friendly experience.

The G 2700 DH comes equipped with a patented Karcher direct drive pump and is powered by Honda GCV 160 engine. Come experience the Performance Series line of gas pressure washers today and see why Karcher makes a difference for you.


  • The Most User-Friendly Gas Pressure Washer on the Market
  • Minimizes Start Up Time with Easy to Access Quick Connect Hose Connections and a Large Storage Tray
  • Extra Large Storage Area to Hold Detergents and Cleaning Supplies
  • Reliable Honda GC160 Engine
  • Patented Commercial-Grade, Maintenance-Free Pump with Brass Head
  • Upright Design With Small Storage Footprint

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The biggest competitor to the Karcher series of pressure washers are the AR Blue clean electric washers.Check out the AR Blue clean electric pressure options as an alternative!

Benefits of Having a Karcher Brand Electric Pressure Washer

There are many reasons to choose a karcher pressure washer. First and foremost, buying Karcher ensures that you are getting a high-quality machine that goes above and beyond the call of duty. More than 30 million pressure washers from Karcher have been sold in a total of 150 countries alone.

Karcher is a leader in the pressure washer business, and have been supplying top of the line pressure washers for many years now. In fact, Karcher started their business back in 1950. When you buy karcher, you can be sure that you are getting a machine that will take care of all of your needs.

All of Karcher’s pressure washers are backed by a warranty. The length of the warranty varies from product to product, but this gives you plenty of confidence in your purchase.

Karcher Electric Pressure Cleaner Quality

Although there are many Karcher pressure washer reviews available,we just listed three of the best above.If you want a machine that will take care of all of your outdoor cleaning needs with ease, it is the Karcher name that you can depend on to give you what you need.

Cleaning Power – The ability of a pressure washer to clean effectively comes largely down to the volume of liquid it is capable of delivering (measured in GPM – gallons per minute), and the output pressure generated (measured in PSI – pounds per square inch). Insufficient volume gives you a spray that’s too fine. Inadequate pressure leaves you with little more than an expensive garden hose.

User Comfort – It’s not just about how easy it is to control the cleaning action; each pressure washer is also rated for weight, portability, and other factors that impact how convenient it is to use.

Attachments & Features

Most top pressure washers have additional attachments. Some include them in the price, some offer them as optional extras. We also look at safety features and other functions that make the machine easier to live with and/or better at its job.

The Prices

We’ve managed to put together a broad choice of high-quality pressure washers while still keeping a watchful eye on your budget. While more powerful gas-powered models do require a larger investment, there isn’t as big a difference between some machines as you might expect.

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