Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 Review

This is Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Campbell Hausfeld PW1825Electric pressure washers are the ideal way to efficiently clean siding,driveways,cars,patio furniture, and lawn equipment with the power of pressurized water jets.1800 PSI and 1.5 GPM gives this unit the power to spray and scrape away grit and grime with ease.A 120-Volt, 14-Amp universal motor is lightweight and reliable,as well as being quiet,odorless, and having zero emissions.

This pressure is one of excellent machine when it relates to your cleaning demands.This electric pressure washer can serve to help you clean your car,driveway,siding,lawn equipment or patio furniture.The washer utilizes pressurized jets of water to get rid of grime, dust and grit quite effortlessly. 

Campbell Features:
  •     1800 PSI / 1.5 GPM output
  •     Instant start/stop feature
  •     Swivel hose adaptor
  •     Includes 20-Foot hose with attachments
  •     Convenient onboard storage

The instant start/stop feature automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged,prolonging the life of the pump.A swivel adaptor on the hose fitting allows it to easily connect to your garden hose.When you want to add a bit of detergent for even deeper cleaning, an onboard detergent tank holds one liter of any high pressure water solution.

This pressure washer includes a 20 Foots high pressure hose with spray gun, an adjustable fan lance, a turbo lance and a 35 foots GFCI-equipped power cord, all of which can be stored in the convenient on-board storage.What’s more,the amount of pressure is perfect for my around-the-house needs cleaning the kids’ outdoor playscape, washing down the patio, washing the driveway, cleaning the side of the house, and washing the patio furniture.

I was concerned about getting a washer with the right amount of pressure, not too much as to destroy items or peel away paint.The Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer is a great purchase because it is inexpensive and allows you to clean a range of items and surface areas outside your home.The machine’s cleaning is remarkable as its low pressure fan setting will protect against damage to fragile components like wooden floors and painted exteriors. 
And yes…I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this washer to everyone.If you are trying to buying this pressure washer,and just make sure you understand full enough of what you will use it for so you are not disappointed that you didn’t get a higher PSI.

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