Danby Dar440w Compact Refrigerator Review

Dar440w Compact Refrigerator

There are several reasons for a bachelor, bachelorette, or family to own a compact fridge like the dar440w.

Whether you’re trying to give your kitchen refrigerator a little more breathing room, you need a place for all the adult beverages, or just want something downstairs that is more convenient; a compact fridge is the perfect solution.Plus, it’s great for offices, break rooms, the teacher’s lounge, and especially for the kids in college.Click Here to see the price on Amazon…

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Struggling to get a decent meal can be made easier in a shorter period of time with the dar440w. You don’t have to worry about heading to the cafeteria to suck down sugar packets and creamers. Okay, that’s a little extreme, but the dar440w can hold just about any food or drink.If you’re in need of a new compact refrigerator then take a look at all the other features the dar440w has to offer:

Dar440w Features

  • Counter-Height- While some people prefer to have a compact fridge as a stand-alone unit, others prefer that it blends in with the rest of the decor. The dimensions of the danby dar440w are; 20-3/4 inches wide by 21-1/2 inches deep by 33 inches high. This gives you the ability to set it along side your counters or place it within them if available.
  • Energy Star Rated- Any compact refrigerator that offers an Energy Star rating is a great money saver. This means the average cost is at a minimum rate, so it won’t overwhelm your electric bill. The dar440w offers an Energy Star rating as well, which means additional savings for you.
  • CanStor Beverage Dispenser- One thing to understand about a compact fridge is how important the space is inside each unit. Without certain features you can run out of room in a hurry, but something like the CanStor beverage dispenser can give you more room. This allows you to add 8 soda, energy drinks, or even adult beverages in a certain location. They will be out of the way so your normal storage area can go towards placing more perishable foods inside.
  • Automatic Defrost- If you’ve already owned a dar440w or any other compact refrigerator in the past; the automatic defrost feature is a huge help.There are no worries about doing everything manually. It also comes with a manual thermostat to provide you with the perfect setting for your needs.
  • The Overall Space- When you purchase this refrigerator you get 2 1/2 wire shelves and adjustable door shelving. The benefits of the door allow you to move your shelving in certain areas to offer tall bottle options (2-liters, wine, etc.), or enough room for certain condiments.

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=”400″]The Design and Color Schemes -This model comes with an integrated door handle, reversible door swing, and a smooth back design. If you want a mini-fridge that fits snug against the wall; the dar440w can provide this benefit. It also comes in black or white depending on your color preferences or other decor in the room.[/box]

You can’t truly appreciate everything this compact refrigerator has to offer until you get to use it. The dar440w also weighs in at 72 pounds, so make sure you get some help moving it around. There is no need to risk injury, especially if you need to get it up and down the stairs.In the end, if you’re looking for a place to store your necessities and make it more convenient; the dar440w should definitely be considered.

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