Danby War488bsl Compact Refrigerator

War488bsl Compact Refrigerator

Danby WAR488BSL Compact RefrigeratorThere are several different kinds of compact refrigerators on the market today, but none of them seem to offer the same types of benefits as the war488bsl.Danby has been manufacturing mini-fridges for years, but the design of this particular one is quite different. Take a look at all the different features for this model.Cantilever Wire Shelves,even though the spacing is small, there are three cantilever wire shelves to place perishable foods on in the war488bsl.

Whether it’s snacks for the kids, coffee creamer, or every day condiments; you will find plenty of room from top to bottom.* Pull-out Drawer- Just like the drawers of the fridge in your kitchen, the Danby war488bsl provides one pull-out drawer. This is a great place to store fruits and vegetables, bags of salad, or anything else you would normally put there. We’ve seen some people use it as extra space for beverages as well.Tall Bottle Storage -The first time you look over the war488bsl compact fridge there is tall bottle storage available on the door.

So if you prefer 2-liters over cans of soda or want to place all the Gatorade bottles in there it’s a huge benefit. Often times our standard refrigerators don’t have a tall enough shelf space,so this might even be a necessity.5 Bottle Wine Rack In between the cantilever wire shelve and pull-out drawer there is a five bottle wine rack available.

If you’re an avid wine drinker who loves keeping their white wines cold this will be a great feature.

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Danby WAR488BSL

The Whirlpool WAR488BSL capacity all fridge is a reliable compact refrigerator that consumers will have a hard time finding any fault with. This unit provides great cooling and the thermostat is easy to access and set.

Whether it’s White Zinfandel, a crisp Chardonnay, or delightful Riesling; the depth of the war488bsl will hold each one nicely.* Auto Defrost- If you’re worried about all the work that surrounds manually defrosting your compact fridge, the Danby war488bsl offers auto defrosting benefits. Instead of cleaning out those frozen over areas (especially around the motor), you can simply enjoy the system doing everything itself.* Soda Storage- Just about everyone wants to keep a few sodas cold and the war488bsl mini-fridge provides an 8-slot door integration. This allows you to maximize the space by placing them in each slot on the door.

However, there are plenty of other areas to place them as well. It all depends on your compact fridge needs.We know there are several people who hate keeping a space between their walls and refrigerator, but the war488bsl doesn’t have any wires exposed on the backside of the fridge.

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This allows you to fit your compact refrigerator snug against the wall, which means it’s going to blend in with all the other amenities in the area.While there are plenty of benefits attached with the war488bsl, there is also something you should understand. This is not a light compact fridge, so when it’s shipped to your door we recommend getting a little help moving it.

It weighs almost 80lbs. and isn’t something we recommend picking up by yourself. The awkward bulk could end up causing an injury.Safety measures are important, but it’s a minor situation that only requires a careful approach.Overall, the war488bsl compact fridge provides an option for anyone who has extra space in a home, office, or dorm room. Plus, if you enjoy wine it’s nice to know you can keep it in a separate area and keep the main refrigerator used for more important items.


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