Guy using used and discarded pen to create art

Guy using used and discarded pen to create an amazing art

Pens To Create Artwork introRay Cicin Cicin asked people in his circle to scour their homes for discarded ballpoint pens. With them, he produced something truly incredible.

The key in achieving these stunning values was using pens that were, in the artist’s words, “in various states of function.” Basically, older pens helped him add dimension to lighter areas, and newer pens allowed him to create deep, dark shadows.What attracted Cicin to focusing on the humble octopus was that the frame of the tentacles around the animal’s large, prominent eyes has a way of drawing viewers in.

“I received more benign ridicule than pens,” he jokes, but eventually, he had enough pens with varying degrees of color payoff to begin the project.

Pens To Create Artwork 1

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Pens To Create Artwork 3

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