Have Clean Air and Take Advantage of HEPA Purifier

The HEPA Purifier Advantage

hepa effeciencyHEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air filters have been helping in improving Indoor Air Quality for quite a long time now. The birth of HEPA air purifier was brought about by the need to remove radioactive materials that were suspended in the air after World War II. After being successful in doing that, HEPA purifiers were considered as the best air purifier there is. They have been used in cleaning indoor air in many places from homes to offices, and from malls to manufacturing plants.HEPA purifiers have also been used to suppress allergies like asthma.

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Its efficient ability to remove contaminants in the air help very well in addressing allergy problems.

How a HEPA Purifier Works?

A HEPA purifier uses HEPA air filters that have very small grains to be able to screen out even the smallest solid particulates. It contains very fine fibers to be able to filter out all particulates suspended in the air stream. These fibers also makes it easier to clean the air purifier because it is not easily clogged with dirt or any particulates removed from the air.

HEPA purifiers are found to remove 99.97% of air particulates even with the sizeof 0.3 microns. The way how a HEPA purifier is engineered and how it functions helps well in removing a large portion of the air particulates that can cause harm to your body.The drawback of a HEPA purifier is that it cannot remove gaseous air particulates and odors that may be suspended in the air. It needs to be used along with an air machine that uses activated carbon in filtering.If a HEPA purifier and an activated carbon machine work together, they can surely provide greater filtering service for the air you breathe.Now, when you plan to buy the best air purifier, get a HEPA air purifier.


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