How to calculate the amount of food per person


Calculate the amount of person food

calculate the amount of food

When preparing a meeting, most certainly, you will come to plan how much food to buy or prepare . While we do not want to miss, we do not want to have leftovers for a week.This guide will help to calculate the amount of food per person should buy or prepare. These amounts are for adults. When making the guest list, you should count how many adults and children will attend. For children and the elderly, you must calculate an amount slightly less per serving.

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Morsels. If you will serve before dinner or lunch, about 6 appetizers per person. If only appetizers and cocktails, this will calculate from 18 to 10 per guest.Red meat . About 250 grams if it with bone, or 200 grams if boneless meat.Aves. From a chicken about 1,300 grams, usually for 4 people.Fish. should be calculated 250 grams per person.Vegetables . You should think about 150 to 200 grams for each one.Potatoes or potatoes depend if accompaniment or main course: 100 grams if a garrison and if main course 300 grams per guest.

  • Rice . About 150 to 200 grams, also depend if accompanied by some other food, or is the most important meal. If fitting, calculated from 60 to 100 grams only.
  • Legumes. In pulses, 100 grams is calculated per person.
  • Asparagus. Around 350 grams.Mussels, clams, etc. . 400 grams per person.Shrimps or prawns. estimated 300 to 250 grams  for each one.Soups. 250 cc is estimated for each of the diners.
  • Pasta. Calculate about 100 grams for each.
  • Fruits. A fruit per person in the case of mandarins, apples, oranges, bananas, etc..

And speaking of larger fruits like pineapple, watermelon, etc.. about 250 grams per diner.Ice cream. Calculate approximately 100 grams for each, if you are going to serve several flavors, among all this, you should add weight.If you do a varied menu, calculate about 500 grams from all the food for each person.

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