How to get a biography written


How to get a biography written

How to get a biography writtenBiography is the whole story of a person, but there are also other variants simpler to write on someone’s life. Know all of them and some tips to initiate us into the task.Tips for biographies,

Biographical notes and sketches

At any time at all,we can present a situation where we need to write about our own life, or of a famous person, a family member or co-worker. This can be resolved with a single biographical note, or with a biography or biographical sketch.

What is the biographical note?

The biographical note is the easiest and quick to make, but it is a bit cold. It is reduced to writing in a scheme and chronologically relevant data of a subject: Full name, date and place of birth, work performed, studies, death. For resemble a resume, it does not require a lot of technique, but also invites anyone to know about the character in question.

What is a biography?

Biography is a complete study of the individual . If the biographical notes are fattened with details like we were journalists and sculptors of a bust, the biography should resemble the pattern and faithfully attached to the truth.To be a good biography, you need to do a thorough documentation and go inside the brain of the character, to describe his character, temperament, likes and abilities.We add anecdotes, but they must be truthful and fallacies to avoid potential problems.

What is the biographical sketch?

The biographical sketch is not based on the history of the person, but a part of it in particular,which should be attractive for some reason. For example:

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=”400″]Peter is a man,a father,a mathematician and golfer.[/box]

We can get into the mathematical study on Peter and his life using the techniques described in the traditional biography.How to write a biographyA biography consists of introduction, body and conclusion. You begin by gathering all the material about character and decide the order of your data.

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Because the biography is to be read like a novel, you should not start in chronological order, to surprise the reader and leave him wanting to know more.However, we must not lose the sincerity and objectivity: if we say that Mario was a good worker,we should show the acts for which he meets with that feature.To practice, you should start with the biography of a friend that you know his life, then do a portrait of your mother. So, you’ll get used to the task of writing biographies, or the biographical sketches and notes.


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