How to get admiration from a first impression


How to get admiration from a first impression

first impression

The first impression is always good, they say.Whether you believe or not,we summarize here what to do and not to miss for your first entrance – Treat his look in job interview“We’re not going to lie, the first impression is also done on the holding of the candidate , “admits Pierre-Louis Cisamolo, senior director at Michael Page Southeast.

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Obviously, depending on the sector of activity, the dress code is more or less strict. When in doubt, regardless of the option chosen (formal or more casual), it is better not to overdo it. Exit the bling jewelry, style crumpled-disheveled that looks good on you … every day. “Demonstrate” clean “Maintenance is a mark of attention. The opposite might suggest that you do not take the appointment seriously. For men,for example,the minimum is polishing shoes and check for tasks that attract the eye of the recruiter,“advises Pierre Manificat, responsible for recruiting pole JLO Council.

  1. The interview begins at Home Business – Did you know that sometimes the reception staff are informed of the conduct of recruitment process? If you arrive half an hour in advance and that you enjoy all the waiting room of your favorite personal thread … It sucks. Overall, excessive behavior (really disrespectful or too stressed) may be reported to the recruiter. Conversely, courteous and calm behavior will necessarily be appreciated by your (future?) Employees, whether home agents or those you come across in the hallways, greeting them with a smile is a rule of etiquette that is required a priori. “I have long been recruiting and after the departure of the candidates, I regularly asked for clarification on the behavior of candidate hostesses,” says Dominique Monk, Director of the universe employment pension Mondial Assistance.
  2. It is better to simply present at recruiter – The first contact with the recruiter is often presented as a quasi art … technique: a firm handshake (but not overwhelming), a sustained look (but not insisting), a natural smile (not fool) … You will be advised before any interview to remain natural. It is a small ceremony that should not be a show: “A sentence like,” I am delighted to meet you “or” I am pleased to meet you “enough. It may possibly, if necessary, before recall his name, his name and professional. ” However, needless to thank the recruiter to give you time, it’s his job!
  3. Avoid odd in the lift – If you need to make a long way in the elevator or hallways with the recruiter, treat your attitude and your speech. It probably will seek to establish a dialogue asking you for example if you have found the way easily. Hopefully you will be able to answer yes (if you have lost half an hour in the neighborhood before arriving, do not bother to specify …)
  4. Sit or not to sit? – Upon entering the room, wait until the interviewer invites you to sit, possibly indicating a place for you. And if he goes to get a folder? You can wait or take the lead, “The best is just to ask him where to sit. But it is important not to throw you a seat when you arrive, “recommends Dominique Monk.

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