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How to get big muscles and big arms


How to get big muscles & bigger arms

big muscles

In this post we will discussing about how to get big muscles and also the big arms.You need to find ways to introduce more water, carbohydrates, blood and other nutrients into your muscles to “inflate” them and make them look larger.Imagine your muscles are a deflated balloon and when you start putting more water, blood and other nutrients into your muscles they inflating like the balloon, making it look bigger.

The 2 main ways to make your muscles look great are:

1. Take more water!Your muscles are primarily composed of water and protein, so you should drink 1 ounce of water for every pound of weight. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, then you need to take 200 ounces of water per day.When you do not drink enough water (or when you’re dehydrated) your muscles will be smaller or will be flattened like a deflated balloon.

2. Consume enough carbohydratesSome portion of the carbohydrates you eat are stored in your muscles as glycogen. After water and proteins, this muscle glycogen is one of the things that most contributes to the volume, size and weight of your muscles, too …

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Glycogen (or stored carbohydrates in your muscles) even attract more water into your “inflating” muscles, making your muscles not only look bigger but also feel harder.If you do not eat enough carbohydrates and also drink more water, your muscles will not be as big as it really could be. Also, if you drink water + consume enough carbohydrates, you will make your muscles look bigger for longer than if you do not use these methods…2 ways to make your muscles look bigger without lifting weights, these are:

1. Creatine using, but like carbohydrates …Creatine makes your muscles look bigger attracting extra amount of water to your muscles. Creatine will also provide more energy (as do carbohydrates) to be able to lift heavier weights and for you to make a greater number of sets and repetitions, which in turn will allow you to gain muscle mass quickly but you should know that once you stop taking creatine, you’re probably going to lose some water weight that you won in your muscles. All you need to do to make your muscles look bigger is to take 2-5 grams of creatine per day.

2. Taking Nitric Oxide SupplementsNitric Oxide supplements as the very popular Xtreme NO supplement helps increase blood flow throughout your body, which in turn helps force more blood from your muscles causing them to look bigger. You can imagine that nitric oxide supplements are like viagra for your muscles, but as is the case with creatine; your muscles probably only stay inflated as long as you take nitric oxide supplements.

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You can easily make a lot of blood into any muscle if you want a workout that focuses on the body part you want to enlarge.You can also remove fat to make your muscles look bigger without lifting weights …This tip will only work if you’ve been previously doing routines to gain weight and gain muscle and have a body fat percentage that is greater than 15%. After you eliminate the fat that is hiding your big muscles.Your body is going to look more defined when your muscles look bigger – See the picture below of a guy who started with a weight and lost 8 pound and gain 7.7 lbs, and then look how big they are his muscles after he lost fat ( using The holly grail body transformation ) and his weight hardly changed..

lost 8 pounds of fat while gaining 7.7 lbs

To lose fat you just need to make any fat loss plans here to be able to burn fat with or without lifting weights.To truly make your muscles look bigger …Still, you have to lift weights, and as your muscles will be bigger and bigger. Your muscles can hold more water, carbohydrates (glycogen), blood and other nutrients that significantly improve the size of your muscles making these look bigger.Only after you’ve started lifting weights as part of a plan of exercises to build muscle, you can do all the things of this page to make your muscles look bigger than they really are, ie to “inflate” without do weightlifting.

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How to get bigger arms

How to get bigger arms

Here are the steps to fireproof your arms will grow.

1. Strengthen the posterior chain

The collection of muscles that run from your femoral to the back of the neck forming the rear chain, these muscles are the largest and strongest in the body. As he likes to tell the Russian coaches: A strong man is strong in the back of the body. When you strengthen the posterior chain exercises like squats, swings and loaded the neural current increases your arms. In other words, when the nervous system known to have a strong support base will allow you to lift heavier weights with your arms. When I’ve seen someone make a specialization course in deadweight is always able to make your arms grow faster than ever after adding his 25-50 kg.Another effective strategy is to match the direct arm work with heavy squats variants. One of my favorite couples is front squat with curl. Perform 3-5 reps of squats, rest 45-60 seconds and make a series of curls. You’ll be surprised that you feel much stronger curl doing squat since forntal dramatically increases neural drive to the legs, hips and core.

2. Increase grip thickness

Perform exercises with barbells and dumbbells torso having thick grip is an excellent way to add strength and size to the forearms and arms. However, it has always been difficult to find thick handled dumbbells because they are very expensive. Luckily there is an easy solution. They are one of the best training tools I’ve come across in years. Just slide the FAt Gripz on the bar or handle of the dumbbell and instantly you can reap the benefits of thick grip training.I put my clients to perform all the curls, extensions, rowing, and many dead weights with Fat Gripz as they are durable and not just compressed as other imitations.

3. Strengthens the neck

There is a direct correlation between the strength of the muscles in your neck and your overall strength. This is especially true with some arm exercises for reasons not yet fully understood. But the mechanisms are not as important as knowing which is another response nervous system . When the neck is weak, the neural input to the extremities is restricted as a protective mechanism.

4. Try the high frequency training (HFT)

If underdeveloped arms are your problem, it is important to understand that this stubborn muscle group requires extreme strategies. If your arms get training 2 or 3 times a week, they will not working, train them 6 times a week. Many coaches tell you to do more curls is a waste of time if the curls are not working to begin with. I understand your position but I do not share. Some muscle groups require a high amount of volume to grow much more than the amount to which are already being exposed. As the biceps and triceps are small muscle groups, can be recovered quickly and there is little risk of burning the nervous system by increasing the frequency.

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