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JET 708663PK Table Saw

 JET 708663PK

JET 708663PKJET 708663PKIt has everything you’re looking for in cabinet saw. It starts with a sturdy base that keeps you in control, an adjustable 50-inch fence for precise cuts with large sheets, a powerful 3HP, 15-amp motor that delivers 4,200 RPM to make quick work of the hardest woods. It has outstanding price that makes this a logical choice for woodworkers who are serious about their craft. Check price here.

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 JET 708663PK Features

Three matched V-beltsThe Power You’re Looking For – The JET 708663PK features a single-phase,3HP motor that gives you exceptional power.

Commercial Design – The heavy-gauge metal stand features two cast-iron extension wings.Left Tilting Arbor –  Experienced cabinet saw users know the importance of having the tilt of the blade going away from the fence. But if this is your first cabinet saw you’ll want to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the movement that reduces the risk of binding under the blade.

Adjust the Blade to Its Proper Height – Many users find this feature worth the price of the cabinet saw by it self.The adjustment mechanism moves smoothly so you can position the blade at the height you need for the type of cut you’re making without scraping your fingers or wrists.Enclosed, Fan-Cooled Motor – A feature on every JET cabinet saw is the way the motor is encased, helping to extend its life.

50-Inch Xacta II Fence – Complements the 27- x 40-inch table and allows the large rip capacity that you expect from a premium cabinet saw. The 50-inch total rip capacity includes a 12-inch rip capacity to the left of the blade.

Two-Year Limited Warranty Protection – This is generous protection for a product that will be used hard almost every day.Instead of having to pull the plug out of a wall socket any time you need to make a blade change, you can just disconnect the plug that is next to the saw. It increases your convenience and safety.ManufacturerJET tools are manufactured by the Walter Meier Manufacturing Inc. JET tools are known for their meticulous attention to design, research, and engineering.

They stand behind the quality of their products by offering strong warranty protection. For over 50 years, JET has been known for their signature monochromatic colors that make their products easily identifiable.ConclusionWhen you’re ready to step up to a cabinet saw or looking for a replacement for your last faithful companion,this JET 10-inch table saw deserves strong consideration.

Simply put, you’ll appreciate the exceptional features that give you the power you expect and an unrelenting eye towards features that make it an exceptional value.From the feel of the hand wheels to the knobs that keep the saw height and angle securely in place, the JET 708663PK has the premium heft that you expect from a tool of this kind.Considering you could easily pay hundreds of dollars more, you’ll appreciate the money you’ll save without having to sacrifice performance.

This cabinet saw will cut smoothly through cherry and plywood and have you coming back for more.Any concerns about this saw tend to focus on the adjustability of the fence. Since you’ll be using this saw for several different cuts from dados to tongue and groove, it’s worth the extra time to learn how to make the proper adjustments up front.Another feature that is not on this model is a riving knife. If you’re looking for this feature, but don’t want to compromise on the other features that are available with this model, consider the JET 708675PK…Check pric here

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