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Immersion Blender

Top 3 Uses Of An Immersion Blender

3 Uses Of An Immersion Blender

Immersion blenders are very handy appliances in the kitchen because they are portable. You don’t need to dump your food into the appliance as in countertop lenders; instead, you bring the blender to the food.There are other benefits also:

  • they’re very easy to use (simply hold and squeeze)
  • they’re easy to clean (simply hold under running water); they’re lightweight
  • they’re relatively cheaper than countertops
  • and they’re easy to store.

Immersion Blender 2Typically, an immersion blender comprises a motor on top as well as a handle that the user grips when using the machine. The lower part consists of a shaft connecting the motor and the blade assembly. This configuration makes an immersion blender very versatile as it can be used in virtually any container where it can fit.Here are the top three uses of these handy kitchen appliances:

Gravy – One of the best uses of a hand held blender is making gravy. In fact, for this use alone, every dollar you spend on this handy kitchen tool is justified. With an immersion blender, you can say bye to lumpy gravy for good. Even if you’re a culinary novice, a hand held mixer can help you make some tasty gravy.

Simply add flour to your ingredients and bring the blender to the right speed and mix away. You may gently stir the ingredients with the blender.

Smoothies –Most people buy blenders primarily to make healthy smoothies. An immersion blender makes the whole process a breeze: you don’t need to hassle with a large countertop mixer. You simply have to add your fruit and other ingredients to a tall glass or other large container, insert the shaft of your immersion blender, and press the power button to start the machine.

Soups – Blenders and healthy eating go hand in hand. With an immersion blender, fresh soups are even easier to make. All you need is hot water, your vegetables, and seasonings. Once you have all the ingredients in a large bowl, run the blender while stirring gently.

For best results, you should briefly cook your vegetables to soften them. Soup is not only a healthy food but also very easy to make. It’s also a good way to use up your leftover vegetables.There are more uses for an immersion blender including making sauces and mayonnaise, batters, dips, and juices. You certainly need one in your kitchen and they also make perfect wedding gifts.