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Martin 000-18 Acoustic Guitar Review

Martin 000-18Martin 000-18 Review – The Martin 000-18 Acoustic Guitar has a tonal quality that is pleasantly unique. Whether it is used for classical music, throbbing Spanish heel tapping stuff or Rock n Roll, the tonal characteristics of a fine guitar are an important component of the final results.

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This is a true traditional instrument with a shorter 24.9″ scale and finishes similar to the D 18 dreadnought. It has a lighter string action and a deluxe hard shell case. This particular model is manufactured with mahogany back and sides which are particularly beautiful and add a rich color to the instrument.See Martin 000 18 Acoustic Guitars price, Click Here.

This instrument is hand-made according to the highest standard of quality. The philosophy behind a Martin is that it must be the best value for money, be beautifully finished and have the ability when played well to render melodious chords and tone.Many owners and players of this instrument are always astounded at its crystal clear sound and delightful pitch.

It is said they are easy to play,smooth and fun to finger pick. Steel strings professionaly fitted and set correctly,will allow the player to play fast and with flair.Even the newest models tend to have the mellow sound of an aged piece. Steel stringed guitars endure extreme tension to acquire concert pitch.

Resonance is improved by carving and scalloped bracing and the timbre will depend on the skill of the artisan.Because it is lightweight, standing and playing is a breeze. For some new guitarist, being able to reach around the instrument can be difficult, but with this guitar, this shouldn’t be a problem.Lastly, because of it’s compact size, this model would be ideal for female or young guitarist. 

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