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Photographer illustrate the time in images

A lot of what makes images such an unimaginable craft is the truth that expert photographers can carry a way of permanence to what would in any other case be a fleeting second. Pictures is one ability that revels within the thought of stasis. It’s considered one of few strategies by way of which we will problem the relentless march of time.

However what if we might seize the essence of that onward march with out using movement photos? What if we might illustrate the passage of a day in a single nonetheless picture? Acclaimed photographer Stephen Wilkes got down to reply these questions a number of years in the past, and the ensuing collection is a everlasting interpretation of life’s transience.

To realize this impact, Wilkes images the identical location from a set angle 1,500 instances over the course of 24 hours.

time image 1

America’s Cup, San Francisco, 2013

He then chooses the best photos from each session and blends them together seamlessly into one image.

time image 2
Stephen Wilkes

Central Park View from Essex House, New York City, 2014

The transition from day to night and back again dictates much of the human experience. Because this is a shared phenomenon, Wilkes decided to choose subjects that people around the world could relate to in a similar way.

time image 6

time image 5

time image 4

The Flat Iron
The Flat Iron

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