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Powerworks 51102

Powerworks 51102 Electric Pressure Washer review

Powerworks pressure washer 1700 PSI Electric Pressure Washer 1.4GPM with Quiet Induction Motor

Powerworks model 51102,1700PSI.1.4GPM quite induction motor electric pressure washer, includes 35-foot power cord with GFCI, 25-foot high pressure hose and hose reel, along with 2 built in soap tanks, quick connect metal wand,4 tips and turbo nozzle.
Powerworks 51102
This Electric Pressure Washer is simple,effective and efficient pressure washer that turns on with the flip of a switch. Thanks to the long reaching wand and spray tips, you can leave the pressure washer rooted to the spot and clean all around you, changing tips at a moment’s notice, shooting water high up the sidings and walls.
It does not exactly deliver over 2000 PSI but as a commercial pressure washer delivers just enough.The induction motor is designed to last long and encased in durable plastic with soap solution containers to the sides,extension wands designed for efficiency it delivers all the 1700 PSI at 1.4GPM.Together, the overall output is actually better among most commercial.
Features of this pressure washer:
  • Induction motor powered by a 35-ft power cord with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, with a hook and loop strap for easy control of the power cord
  • 1,700 PSI and 1.4 GPM provide plenty of power for light-duty tasks
  • A 25-ft hose provides plenty of reach while cleaning
  • Two built-in soap tanks provide convenient storage for the ability to use soap in cleaning applications as needed
  • Plastic spray gun with a quick-connect wand
An average consumer hardly ever requires more than 2000 PSI.At 1.4 GPM, durable design, ergonomic functions and silent operations the Powerworks 51102 is a must have home power tool.Even if you already have a gas power washer,get this as it lets you wash inside the house using soap solution fed at high pressure through various spray tips.

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