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Simpson pressure washer Mini Brute MB1223 review

The “Mini-Brute” Vertical Direct Hot Water pressure washer was conceived for the farm, job shop, or detail specialist. The clean burning fuel efficient combustion chamber is diesel or kerosene fired and will provide up to a 100 degree heat rise. While the burner is diesel fired, the pump/motor/blower system operates on a 120V outlet.
The Mini-Brute pressure washer presents an ideal pressure washer which is handy and portable and can work with great precision and reliability. It is capable of a pressure delivery of 1200 PSI at 2.3 GPM with a robust pump which is electrically powered by a 120 VAC motor.
The axial cam pump is driven by an induction motor which is equipped with an Automatic Total Stop system to shutSimpson hot pressure washer Mini-Brute MB1223 off motor and pump when spray trigger is released.Simpson MB1223 mini-brute hot water pressure washer is fast, efficient and reliable also this pressure washer is easily manageable and possesses advanced features which are usually found within high end machines.  


  • Diesel fired burner: creates a temperature rise up to 100-Degree above incoming water source
  • 4 Quick connect nozzles: 15,25,40,soap
  • Downstream injection system
  • 2 Wheel cart, heavy duty steel construction
  • 5/16-Inch, 25-Foot high pressure hose
  • Great unit for the price
Extra large steel fuel tank provides all-day cleaning without refueling. A stable stance and a compact design combined with 13″ pneumatic tires make the Mini-Brute highly maneuverable around the shop or farm. Key features include: 120 Volt Induction Motor with 35ft Power Cord and GFCI protection; 1700 psi @ 1.8 gpm; Heavy duty frame with powder coated paint finish.

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Convenient on-board storage for spray gun, wand, high pressure hose , electric cord and QC nozzles. 4 Quick Connect nozzles; 25 ft Industrial steel braid hot water hose; Overpressure safety relief valve; High temperature limit switch for safe operation; In-line chemical injection system;. Meets UL – 1776 standards; Meets PWMA (Pressure Washer Manufacturers Association) standards for performance ratings.

This hot washer pressure washer can serve you better for cleaning surfaces soiled with oil or grease compared to regular cold water types. Hence you can definitely go for Simpson pressure washer mini brute MB1223 if you are in search of a good light-duty hot water pressure washer.

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