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ozone air cleaners

Studies and ozone air cleaners

Ozone air cleaners have the reputation of adding a little more health into the air. And, one of the side effects of an ionizer is ozone, and sometimes prozone, production. Companies like Honeywell and Hunter make a home air filter that are also an ozone air purifier.

It is even possible to get a humidification machine that acts as ozone air cleaner.However, scientific studies are a little more reticent to approve ozone producing air cleaners, especially duct ozone air purifiers that spread throughout the home.

What are duct ozone air purifiers?These are air purifiers that can hook up to your air system, much like furnace humidifiers. After the air goes through the purifier, it is disseminated throughout the house. If it is one of the ozone air cleaners, it also puts ozone into the air.

While ozone is naturally occurring, it is important to note that too much of it can actually be detrimental to your health. Recent studies have mentioned that using and ionizer or some other machine meant to put out ozone can actually decrease the over all air quality in your home.Air purifiers are actually very good for your health. Having one can leave your home less polluted with dust, pollen and dander.

Some purifiers can also reduce contaminants in the air due to smoke, including tobacco smoke. Some even have separate filtration systems for large particles (dead skin cells, dust, dirt, pollen) and finer particles (smoke, dust mites). These can do much to eliminate respiratory ailments associated with allergies, hay fever, and even asthma.

It can also prevent you from feeling the effects of Sick Building Syndrome and help you feel a little more revitalized throughout the day. However, despite the companies that insist that their types of ozone air purifier will help you even more, it is far from certain that these machines actually have a positive impact on your health. In fact, some studies suggest that it may be negative, undoing all of the good effects of purifiers. So check to make sure they are truly healthy before you get ozone air cleaners.

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