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The Best Acoustic Guitars

The Best Acoustic Guitars Reviews,Guide And Tips

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If you are looking for the best acoustic guitars, take a look at this best acoustic guitars reviews article. We will review the top acoustic guitars and hopefully that will help you make a decision on which guitar is right for you.

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Tips for Actually Purchasing an Acoustic Guitar for a Beginner

Purchasing an Acoustic Guitar TipsThe key piece of advice I can give is: take your time looking at many places and actually hold and test-play MANY guitars before making any purchase.Remember, you are not just investing in an item, you are investing in a sensitive, unique musical instrument and in a new hobby that you will spend hours enjoying on a regular basis.

Take your time and make sure that you know what you are doing before putting up the money for any guitar.Visit several reputable shops (not chain stores or pawn shops) and get a feel for various manufacturers’ guitars and for what interests you before you actually make your final decision.

The best thing to dois to actually test the specific guitar you are going to buy. Not just the one on the shelf that is the “demo model” (although you should do that first to narrow down your choices), but the actual instrument you are considering taking home with you.

This is because there are many variations naturally between instruments since they are all unique, as are all instruments.In addition, test for what feels and sounds the best,rather than just what looks the best: you’ll be happier in the long run with something you’re more willing to play regardless of the looks.

Tip: Take the guitar into a soundproof practice room that does not contain other guitars or instruments to test it. Why? Because sympathetic vibration will cause the strings of other stringed instruments to vibrate, making noise and thereby making your guitar sound better than it really is.

Remember: If you are buying a guitar from a store, insist on testing the actual guitar you will be paying for, not just the demo model, before you pay good money for your guitar. Any good guitar dealer will understand your need to test-play the actual instrument you will be purchasing and will be willing to un-box it for you and help you get it set up.

After testing the guitar, do not be afraid to walk away and think over your decision overnight or even for a few days: ask the store to hold/set aside a promising-sounding guitar for you for a short time if you are fairly sure of your choice but just need time to think about it.Since the neck of the guitar is key to the quality of the sound, sight down the length of the neck to verify that it is straight (not warped) and that all of the strings are the same height/distance above the frets.So,there are several informations you can determine whether an Acoustic Guitar is suitable for a beginner:

  • Price range – Look for is a guitar manufactured by a top name brand that is roughly in the range of $160-300 USD. A $50 guitar is almost certainly worthless, and a $500 guitar is probably either over-priced or higher quality than what a beginner needs.
  • New vs. Used? – Buying a used guitar may seem like a good idea because you may be able to get a better guitar for your money, or pay less for the same quality guitar you were going to buy new.Then again, as a beginner, how do you really know? Many things may be wrong with an older acoustic guitar, and it may not have been treated well (kept in reasonable temperature conditions, kept in tune most of the time, kept at a proper humidity level, and otherwise treated carefully).

Therefore, given these unknowns, I recommend buying a new guitar for successfully beginning your new hobby. If you do buy a used guitar, buy it from a very reputable dealer who sells only high-quality used guitars and can tell you about each guitar’s pluses and minuses.

  • Number of Strings -Although you can buy good guitars with as many as twelve (12) strings, a guitar with six (6) strings is classic and standard for most purposes, and it is definitely standard for beginners.I highly recommended that you purchase a guitar designed for six (6) strings for a beginning player more is not better in this case!
  • Body shape – A classical shape guitar is the standard, almost hour-glass shape with a flat back that you think of when you think of a generic guitar, and it is perfect for beginners and all players alike.Note that some guitar makers cut out the body of the guitar to allow beginners to easily access the highest-pitch frets.

Unfortunately, this actually causes the guitar to produce a different sound and does little to help the student learn correctly, so I do not recommend buying a guitar with this body shape. Also, the deeper dreadnought and jumbo guitar shapes are not appropriate for beginners, though they are fine guitars with a rich sound for more experienced players.

  • Low Action – Look for a guitar that does NOT high action that the space or distance between the strings and the fretboard—this is sign of a poorly made guitar that will be more difficult to play.

Start by adjusting the bridge to see if that fixes the problem, but if not then a professional at a good music store will need to set it up for you.Ideally you’d like a luthier—a professional craftsman who specializes in this sort of thing—to set it up for you. When a guitar is properly set up (not straight out of the box!), make sure that you don’t hear buzzing sounds between the strings and the frets. Pay particular attention to the first string on the third and 13th frets, where it is most likely to buzz.

Important:The strings should be the same distance from the fretboard along the entire length of the neck Buzzing Sounds.Even on an best acoustic guitar, buzzing sounds might occur if it is set up improperly. If you suspect this is the case, or if your guitar ever begins to buzz after you have owned it for awhile, it needs adjustment.

So here they are,the best acoustic guitars reviews.

Epiphone Acoustic Guitar: DR-100

Epiphone Acoustic Guitar DR-100The first on the list of best acoustic guitars reviews is the Epiphone Acoustic Guitar DR-100.This is one of the cheaper acoustic guitars and it really great for beginners. If you are just starting out with guitar playing, this is probably the one you will want to go with. This one is also great for children and those of you who travel with a guitar.

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Fender Acoustic Guitars: DG60

Fender DG-60The Fender Acoustic DG60 guitar is another great guitar for beginners that won’t break the bank account. This is a dreadnought-style guitar and it is very sturdy. It has 20 frets and a nato neck. If you are just starting out with playing acoustic guitars, this maybe one you will want to look further into. It is easy to play and not ridiculously priced.

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Martin Acoustic Guitars: LXM Little MartinMartin LXM Little Martin

The Martin Acoustic Guitar LXM Little Martin comes in a few different colors for you to choose from. This guitar has
a laminated top and is pretty sturdy. The LXM Little Martin is great for both beginners and advance players.

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Gibson Acoustic Guitars: AJ Advanced JumboAJ Advanced Jumbo

The AJ Advanced Jumbo guitar by Gibson has a longer scale than most guitars and it has a shouldered body. This guitar is great for the advance players. This guitar has multi-binding and a rosewood neck. It is a beautiful piece of work. So, this is not a toy. This is one for the die-hard acoustic guitar players.

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Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Seagull Guitars: S6 Entourage

The S6 Entourage is a beautiful guitar that plays pretty quietly. It is best for those who finger pick. You can find some a bit cheaper than that though.The best thing about this acoustic guitar is the fact that it is made to naturally age over time. As it ages though, it will get better and better as far as playing it and music.

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There you have it, the five best acoustic guitars reviews. Which guitar you choose will definitely depend on who you are buying it for, if the person is an advance player or a beginner, if they are fingerpicking, and the amount of money you have to put in one.So, all of those will play a role in which acoustic guitar you purchase. Keep in mind that it is best to buy one of the cheaper ones for beginners. For those who travel a lot, you may also want to stick with the cheaper ones so it won’t be damaged. So, go shopping!!Ever since trying a download wordpress plugin my traffic has increased massively.

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Some Accessories for Acoustic Guitar

Buying a guitar can be a very thrilling experience, but you also have to keep in mind that there is a list of tools, accessories and gears that you will need to complete your best acoustic guitar experience. Sure, you may play your guitar without the following accessories, but you will definitely benefit from each of these items since each of these things are meant to make a guitar player’s experience easier.

This is essentially helpful for aspiring musicians who wish to take guitar playing seriously. As with any guitarist, it is expected that you will be able to accumulate these items over the years, but it will not hurt (other than your wallet) to start early.

This article help you understand the basics about the accessories if you plan on getting a guitar, or already have one. There are so many people who begin learning how to play guitar, but end up giving up since they are unaware of the right accessory they needed.

Guitar Tuner

Clip on tuner for GuitarFor an acoustic guitarist, it is most important to keep your strings in tune to be able to play sound music. This is the only way to be certain that you are playing to the same notes. You have an option of tuning the guitar using the standard method that on your sense of hearing, but you’d have a good ear to know the difference between the notes.If you are just starting out or feel that you can’t tell the difference between the notes then congratulations, you might be tone-deaf. Just kidding!..see this tuner in Amazon

D’Addario NS Micro Clip-On TunerD’Addario NS Micro Clip-On Tuner

The D’Addario NS Micro Clip-On Tuner guitar tuner will help you tune your guitar quickly. It is a handy device that can help a great deal. The latest kinds of electronic tuners can even sense which string you are playing and tell you which string has the closest note to the ideal pitch. Not only that, it helps you figure out if you are flat or sharp. Despite all the technology, you will still have to be the one to turn the turning keys sadly.

Guitar HumidifierGuitar Humidifier

A guitar humidifier will protect your guitar and keep it playing and sounding its best since dry conditions can lead to damage of any wooden guitar. This is especially important for guitars in climates that become extremely dry during certain seasons of the year. To keep the wood of your best acoustic guitar from warping and cracking, you have to use a guitar humidifier. This will extend its life.

Oasis OH-6 Case HumidifierOasis OH-6 Case Humidifier

Oasis’ OH-6 instrument humidifier keeps your guitar, or any other wooden instrument, in prime condition with the correct level of humidity. It’s important to keep the relative humidity above 40% to prevent the instrument from cracking. With this comprehensive set, you can measure humidity levels and administer the instrument humidifier. It includes the Oasis OH-6 Case Humidifier and OH-2 Digital Hygrometer with a clip.


Capo is a device used on the neck of a guitar that raises the pitch by shortening the playable length of strings. There are instances where you will need to play in a higher pitch, and a capo will allow you to do this.

Planet Waves Assorted Pearl Celluloid Guitar PicksPlanet Waves Assorted Pearl Celluloid Guitar Picks

Although playing with a pick does not necessarily improve your music,it may help lessen the stress on your fingertips. It all boils down to preference, really. In absence of a guitar pick, one can always use coins.Guitar Strap / Strap TieIt goes without mentioning that guitar straps are used when you are playing standing up. If you choose to frequently sit when you play, then you may not need a guitar strap.

This is especially true for beginners who usually take the choice of sitting to concentrate on their chords.Guitar Strap with Leather Ends and Pick PocketAcoustic Guitar StringsObviously there is no way you can play your guitar without strings. Everyone knows that.

Everyone also knows that there will be times that your strings may break, so it is always a smart idea to keep a few lying around just in case. While nobody can tell you what best acoustic guitar strings brands to buy, it is always best to experiment on which brands suite you best. You can read another post for How to choose best acoustic guitar strings here!

Guitar Case

chromacast guitar case

A guitar case comes in handy when traveling a lot. You do not want to end up carrying your guitar separately with all your other accessories and items. There are five types of guitar cases: a hard case, soft case, hybrid case, flight bag, and specialty guitar cases.

Soft cases are the most common since they are cheaper while hard cases are not.Flight bags are ideal for traveling guitarists since they feature more protection compared to a soft case or hard case. In fact, airlines may refuse to accept a bag that is not in a guitar flight case.

Specialty cases are for those collector guitars that do not come in the standard shape or size.Most guitar players prefer to place their guitars in a hard case than a soft one since it offers more protection.

Every guitarist has their own style, therefore a different set of needs. As you become a more seasoned player as you progress in your musical journey over the years, you will learn that you can live without certain guitar accessories while realize that you need others.I hope you have some useful information for your best acoustic guitar.

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