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Best Mirror Jewelry Armoire 2017
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The Best Mirror Jewelry Armoire Guide

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Best Mirror Jewelry Armoire Guide for 2017

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You like to possess a great collection of jewelry. Over a long period of time you amass a sizeable jewelry and you need a proper storage boxes which will keep your jewelry safe and managed in tangle free. For this purpose jewelry armoire is the best option.

There are different types of armoires like mirror jewelry armoire, wall mount jewelry armoire, standing jewelry armoire, over the door jewelry armoire, hanging jewelry armoire, mirrored jewelry armoire, white and black jewelry armoire. Selecting the best out of these is not a tough task but you got to know something about all of these.

This guide will help you in the selecting the best amoire for you.Based on the wood used the quality of a armoire is determined. Different types of wood material like pine wood, cedar wood, oak wood and cherry wood are the most common types of wood materials used for making jewelry armoires.

To know about the type of wood material used for armoire is to do a smell test. Pine wood will give you a sappy piny smell, cedar wood would give cedar tree aroma and cherry wood smells sweet and sour. This is very good way to check especially when there is no coating on the armoire.

Next thing is the interiors of armoires.The fabric used for the interiors could be velvet, silk and satin such types are expensive armoires. This fabric may be glued or nailed to the wooden structure and wooden pegged. This distinction between pegged and nailed or glued has a direct effect on price tag. Wooden pegged jewelry boxes have higher price tags as compared to nailed or glued one because pegging can be done by experienced and highly skilled persons.

Types of Jewelry Armoires

Depending upon the structure, shape and usability jewelry armoire could be one of the following types or combination of one or more types.

Mirror Jewelry Armoire:

This jewelry box has mirror on the front side, may also one on the left and right sides as well. Mirrored jewelry armoire is very useful for both storage as well as wearing the jewelry by looking in the mirror.Over the door jewelry armoire: Also know as wall mount jewelry armoire is very handy if you have a space constraint. Just hang it on the door and you are done.Moreover the front mirror on wall mount armoire will act as a dressing mirror. So this hanging jewerly armoire has double benefits.

Standing jewelry armoire:

This type is a large size jewelry armoires and act as a great showpiece besides holding any amount of jewelry. These have a number of drawers and racks. Standing mirror jewelry armoire is really lovely item for the art lovers. Some of them are antique pieces which provide extra value.

The above are the main types. Among other features of armoires include locking jewelry armoire which provides you the safety with a lock on the armoire or flip mirror etc. Others are depending upon the paint used like white jewerly armoire and black jewelry armoire.

Size of Jewerly Armoires:

Besides the great look and materials the appropriate size of the box is very important. You must select the one which can store your existing jewelry as well as the one which may likely to buy in future.It should have sufficient number of hooks to hold your long and short necklaces.

For holding earrings larges number of slot are required for properly managed jewelry. Ring slots and bangle slots must be there. It can also have some places like foamy or with some cushion to store your watches, pendants.With all the general information above in mind we have reviewed some of the best selling and popular mirror jewelry armoire.

These armoires have all the important features and quality discussed over here.These are our top picks out the various brands and models based on the user ratings given to them and feedback given by the actual customers along with our detail reviews.

Coaster Five Drawer Jewelry Armoire in Black

Coaster Five Drawer Jewelry Armoire in BlackThis armoire is very stylish and great work for storing your jewelry. Its dimensions of 38″ H x 13″ W x 18″ D give your plenty of storage room for all types of jewelry like rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bangles and more.Its black finish gives elegant shiny look.There is open shelf sufficiently big inside the cabinet doors which are very useful for handling of tall items.

Its all drawers are also very useful.On top of the cabinet flip mirror section proves sufficient space for keeping earrings and rings.This armoire is pre assembled with some basic assembly needed which indeed is very easy to do. It looks very great. The quality of this large standing jewelry armoire is very good at this price. Moreover it provides you with a ton of storage space.It will cost your around (check it at amazon).

It has received a user rating of 3.8 stars out of 5.To buy and know more click Coaster Five Drawer Jewelry Armoire in Black

SEI Wall-Mount Jewelry Mirror

SEI Wall-Mount Jewelry MirrorThis mirrored jewelry armoire is made up of oak wood which can hold lot of jewelry items. It has lot of space for keeping bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces.Inside this there is black lining and gray ring holder. Also a four sectioned removable storage tray for holding smaller jewelry items.

It gives you safety as it is a locking jewelry armoire.It has at top 5 double hooks for keeping necklaces and bracelets, below it there are two rows having 11 flat hooks for holding number of necklaces. It has large number of rows with lot of hooks on each row on inside of the top door for keeping earrings and rings.This over the door jewelry armoire cabinet is very easy to hang on the wall and on a good solid door.

It has dimensions of 14.5″ W x 4.25″ D x 48.25″ H. Overall it is a wonderful large wall mount jewelry armoire which requires very less space and stores hell lot items.This cabinet will cost you around (Check the price at Amazon) and it has been given great stars user rating.To buy and know more click SEI Wall-Mount Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Seya Espresso Wooden Jewelry Box

Seya Espresso Wooden Jewelry BoxIt has dimensions of 11″L x 6.75″W x 14.5″H. This stylish armoire has great quality velvet storage compartments to ensure that your jewelry get zero scratches.There are six big drawers having four quarters each. It has a lovely mirror on the top lid.

There is sufficient storage space in the form of ring rolls and hooks for keeping variety of jewelry items in a tangle free manner.This cabinet as a locking jewelry armoire also provides you proper safety. This is very nice piece of black jewelry box having large lined drawers, ample storage space for keeping jewelry uncluttered and organized way moreover it has antique looks. Coffee lovers have a special liking towards this one.

This nearly antique jewelry cabinet will cost you around only (check the price at Amazon) and it has been given very good user rating. At this price it a quite a cheap armoire overall.To buy and know more click Seya Espresso Wooden Jewelry Box

Mirrored Jewelry Armoire with Silver Wood Finish

Mirrored Jewelry Armoire with Silver WoodThis jewelry box is a high end luxury cabinet for giving your bedroom or any place in your house a plush feel and look. It is a modern design having silver and mirror finish. It has velvet fabric interiors. You need only basic assembly to start using it.Its top lid has a mirror and has 13 ring slots and some open area for keeping loose items. All the drawers have been made to hold a different variety of jewelry items. Some drawers contain rectangular partitions, some have square partitions and some are open. It has dimensions of 18 x 12 x 40.5 inches.So there is lot space to accommodate your ever increasing jewelry.

This armoire is gorgeous and large enough to meet your requirements. It looks very beautiful and fantastic.This piece of fantastic mirror jewelry armoire will cost you solid around hundred of bucks but it is full worth of the every penny spent on it. It has received a user rating of 4 stars.To know and buy click Powell Mirrored Jewelry Armoire with Silver Wood

Powell Antique Parchment Masterpiece Jewelry Armoire

Powell Antique Parchment Masterpiece Jewelry ArmoireNow we must had to include this antique masterpiece from Powell. It is a great floral design hand painted and carved and rayon lining cabinet.It has seven drawers and two side pockets for storing all of your jewelry properly.Its top opens up as into a mirror.

With some basic assembly you can start using it immediately.It has dimensions of 19 x 40 x 13.5 inches. It provides sufficient space for keeping your valuable items like rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and even watches safely.This is a beautiful and heavy large standing piece of jewelry armoire. It has very nice looking interiors and exteriors. It is one of the best looking and sturdy pieces around.

This unit would make your bedroom look more beautiful.On top of it lots of users has give it a great of rating makes it a perfect choice.To know more and buy click Powell Masterpiece Handpainted Wood Jewelry Armoire


Well above are our reviews of top picks of best mirror jewelry armoire out various brands and models of armoires. These armoires have additional features as well like large standing wall mount jewelry armoires.So decide your budget and pick the one which suits your requirements best.

These are certainly very popular and having good quality at reasonable prices.As there are number of armoires available on the market, it is difficult to include all of them. But we have tried our best to include some of the best ones. Yet if you think we have missed some model or brand then please do share with us and we will try to include in the above reviews or list.

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