Using a uv air cleaner in your home

The uv air cleaner in your home

A UV air cleaner can help make the air in your home cleaner and more vitalizing. UV air purifiers, like those made by Oreck, Honeywell and Hunter are designed to kill air born germs that can cause health problems forever. Not only does a UV air purifier rid the air of dust and pollen, but it also uses its ultra violet air purifier UV irradiation to kill germs and bacteria that can make allergies and asthma symptoms worse. Some of these things can even trigger attacks. When using a UV air cleaner, you know that most of these irritating moulds and germs are eliminated from the air.

The use of portable ultra violet air cleaners

There are portable ultra violet air cleaners that can be bought to take care of the air in a more confined space. The important thing to remember is that the UV rays are used inside of the machine. They are contained so that they will not affect nearby humans.

This is important because too much UV radiation can cause skin problems. However, the UV used in these machines is not the same sort as that of the sun, and is generally milder.Additionally, these machines are thought to be healthier than those that emit ozone.

[highlight color=”yellow”]Ionizing machines can create ozone as a by product, and that can endanger the health of nearby residents. The EPA recently completed a study that casts doubts on the how healthy purifiers that put ozone into an area are.[/highlight]

uv airThis is an important consideration when you are deciding which type of air purifier is right for you. Many people prefer one that will kill germs and better protect against inflammations of asthma and allergies. The benefits of air purifiers are well documented. They remove floating small particles from the air and make it cleaner and better to breathe.

They also circulate the air, preventing it from getting stale and helping you avoid a condition known as Sick Building Syndrome that is the result of build up of indoor pollutants in the respiratory system. An air purifier is useful, and it is a matter of preference whether you use one with a filter, an ionizer or a UV air cleaner.

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