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Holmes air cleaners are made to be quality air purifiers. A Holmes air purifier is an air cleaner that removes particles from the air. Many Holmes purifiers come with a HEPA purifier filter, as well as an ionizer. It is also possible to get a humidifier from Holmes.

Because they are considered small appliances,it is possible to get Holmes air cleaners in everything from a large version to a small table top HEPA air purifier. And, equally as important as getting the right type of air cleaner is ensuring that you purchase the right Holmes air cleaner filter to go with your purifier.

holmesUsing a Holmes air cleaner filter Holmes makes its own filters to go with its air purifiers. This is so that the company can unsure that its filters fit its purifiers. It is important for the air purifier filter to match the appliance to ensure a tight fit around the seal.

The purpose of a filter is to trap tiny air born particles, and it does not do as much good if the particles leak out around the seal. So it is important to find the right fit.

However, it is fairly easy to find the proper filter,as the Holmes Web site offers a product list, and the filters are clearly marked with the proper air purifiers to match them with.There are many different types of filters, but one of the most effective is the HEPA filter.

HEPA is not a brand name, but rather a description of a high efficiency particle remover. These filters are made to remove 99% of all air born particles from the air.A true HEPA filter can be expensive, but it is often worth it to get them. If you buy many of them in a package, you can often get a discount.

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Many of them are disposable, and most of the Holmes models come with disposable filters.However, there are a few filters that can be cleaned. If you check the filter packaging, especially if you are buying a Holmes product, you are more than likely to find the package clearly marked with whether or not your filter is a certified HEPA filter, and mostly they are used in Holmes air cleaners.

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