what do air cleaner ratings mean

what do air cleaner ratings mean

What do air cleaner ratings mean to you as the everyday consumer? In general terms, air cleaner ratings mean when you buy an electronic air cleaner, you can rest assured to that a certain level of filtration will be attained, and the smoke, dust and allergens will be greatly dissipated from your room. The machine has been tested against a set of standards and has been found to meet or surpass those standards.

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) has standardized a system for the rating of air cleaners. This rating system is based on clean air delivery rates (CADR), and it measures the amount of tobacco smoke, pollen, and dust the air cleaner will filter out of the air within the first 48 hours of use, and provides a certification that includes a rating for each of these pollutants and one for the recommended room size.

After that first 48-hour period, the air purified rating will vary, depending on the model of cleaner you use. AHAM members believe in the rating of air cleanersNot all air cleaner manufacturers are members of the AHAM, but well-known companies such as Holmes and Friedrich are. While having a CADR right on the box makes buying an air cleaner easier, the lack of such information doesn’t mean you are buying an inferior product. Austin Air manufactures some of the most popular air filtering systems, and they are not members of the AHAM. Austin Air meets HEPA standards by trapping more than 99% of the particles in the air.

It is for this reason you should look for more than just the AHAM seal before buying air cleaner media or a residential or industrial air cleaner. Look for information about the how the machine stands up to HEPA standards. Where ever you purchase an air cleaner, in the UK or USA, look for more than the best price when purchasing an air cleaner. Read product reviews written by professionals and fellow consumers, remember to buy the right size cleaner for the size of room you are filtering, and look at the product information for air cleaner ratings.



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