When you need replacement hepa filters

When you need a replacement for hepa filters

If you own a hepa purifier, you will need replacement hepa filters. As you run your air cleaner, it becomes clogged with dust, animal dander, hair and other particles. The more particles, the less effective the purification will be. Replacement hepa filters keeps your machine working well and provides the cleanest air possible.

Benefits of a hepa air purifierMore allergists and asthma specialists recommend hepa air purification systems to other products. The reason lies in the hepa air filtration process. Air from the room is drawn into the machine and through the filter.

The material used in hepa is fine enough to catch and hold the smallest particles in the air. This removes hazardous particles such as mold spores, dust mites and pet dander effectively from the air. A whole house purification system cleans every room efficiently and is less expensive in the long run to several portable units for bedrooms and living areas. The concern for clean air is extending from the home to the office.

Hepa filter work stations are available to clean the air at work. Stories of “sick buildings” containing contaminantsclose up hepa filter and toxic mold are seen frequently on televison and in the news. These work stations are commonly used in clean rooms and hospital environments where particles and bacteria can’t exist. The systems are expensive, but can result in less time out sick and better productivity among employees. Hepa filters aren’t just used on air cleaning machines. Kenmore hepa filters are used on the progressive vacuum cleaner.

These filters remove particles from the surfaces of your home and trap them inside the machine, rather than letting them loose in your air. Proper cleaning is essential in controlling allergens in your home. For the very best results, use a 3m filtrate hepa filter bag. Most vacuum cleaner bags are porous and let dust escape through the pores in the bag. 3m bags don’t have this problem and keep the particles inside the bag.

Each manufacturer has different guidelines for replacement. For example, a duracraft hepa filter should be changed yearly. Most manufacturers suggest changing them between one and three years. The material becomes clogged with dust, rendering it ineffective. The price of a replacement hepa filter ranges from twenty to forty dollars, with most brands in the thirty dollar range. Although they can be expensive, you only need to purchase a replacement hepa filter once a year.



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